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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Biggie

Considering how regularly Tupac and Biggie are mentioned in the same breath, it might not be too shocking that their estates followed very similar paths after their deaths. One big difference was that Biggie had a wife and two very young children at… Read More
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pen and ink portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Martin Luther King, Jr.

You have a trust and now you need someone to run it after you’re gone. Think carefully and choose someone you can trust to fulfill your wishes. Even people that seem like a great choice can change over time. Take the trust of Dr. Martin Luther… Read More
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Betty White and Michael Jackson portraits concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Ridiculously Wealthy Pets

It’s time for another round of ridiculously wealthy pets! Let’s start with one of the world’s best known chimps: Bubbles. Bubbles became famous when he was adopted in the 1980s by Michael Jackson. Michael took him everywhere for a while, includ… Read More
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Revolutionary war reinactment

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Wills are important documents for your family, but occasionally you can use a Will as a way to make a major change in the world. Such was the case of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. It’s okay; I’m Polish and can’t pronounce it either. We’ll just call him… Read More
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Chadwick Boseman concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Chadwick Boseman

When Chadwick Boseman died in 2020, the world was stunned. What was even more stunning was learning that the actor, who had been fighting cancer for years, had died without leaving a Will. His wife had to petition the court to be named as the Executo… Read More
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Before the heavy rains came, the black clouds had flocked concept.

Understanding Florida’s Simultaneous Death Law

When tragedy strikes a family, it can leave the survivors scrambling to care for children and handle the household’s affairs. No one wants to think about what happens when spouses, parents and children, or other relatives die together. But after a… Read More
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Last Will and Testament concept. Fountain pen, seal on desk concept

Admitting A Foreign Will In Florida

We live in an increasingly mobile culture. Florida residents, especially, often have homes and lives in other states or countries, as well as here in the state. But what happens when snowbirds or others with property in multiple states die? Admitting… Read More
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Thomas Kinkade painting concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Thomas Kinkade

If you paid any attention at all to art in the 90’s, you’ve heard of Thomas Kinkade. The “painter of light” passed away in 2012 at home with his girlfriend Amy Pinto-Walsh. Shortly after his death, Pinto-Walsh produced two han… Read More
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