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Revocable trust papers

What is a Revocable Living Trust?

If you are considering the options available for your estate plan, you may have come across the idea of a revocable living trust. This alternative to a traditional estate plan gives you more control over what happens to your assets. It also reduces o… Read More
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Signing Last Will and Testament.

5 Warning Signs a Will was Signed Under Undue Influence

When the death of a loved one comes with an unexpected surprise, you might find yourself wondering what happened in their final days. You may be left wondering how to sue for inheritance if you were unexpectedly excluded, and whether the new estate p… Read More
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Spouses review estate plan documents

The Importance of Keeping your Estate Plan Up-to-Date

Your estate plan has one purpose: to make sure your welfare and your affairs are handled according to your wishes once you can no longer make decisions for yourself. But estate planning should not be a one-time occurrence. Your estate plan should cha… Read More
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discussing finances

How to Protect Your Legacy from Immature Financial Decisions

Sometimes the ones we love the most are also the ones we have to work the hardest to protect from themselves. Substance abuse, debt, and immature financial decisions can create trouble for your loved ones and threaten your ability to provide for them… Read More
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Trustees Behaving Badly:…

Trustees Behaving Badly: What are Your Options?

Protecting Trust Assets and Beneficiaries When your family manages its money using a trust, your comfort and livelihoods may depend on the trustee doing their job well. Unfortunately, sometimes the people managing your money will not live up to the t… Read More
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What the COVID-19 Outbrea…

What the COVID-19 Outbreak Means for Florida Probate and Estate Planning

With the uncertainty and fear surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to address some of the services that we offer and some of the documents that we recommend you have in place. We are also going to focus on what you can do without leaving your home to come… Read More
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What to Do After Your Tru…

What to Do After Your Trust is Signed

For many families, a revocable or irrevocable trust is a key part to their estate plan. However, unlike a Will, which is complete as soon as it has been executed, there is still work to be done after your trust is signed. Find out what to do after yo… Read More
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Gifts under a Christmas tree –– Harrison Estate Law, P.A.

Should Holiday Gifts Be Part of Your Estate Plan?

When you are creating your holiday shopping list, estate planning probably isn’t on your radar. But if you have a larger estate or valuable heirlooms, maybe it should be. Learn how you can use holiday gifts to roll out your estate plan and help you… Read More
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Hands Holding a House and Car –– Harrison Estate Law, P.A.

Why Would You Need a Trust?

When the average person thinks of a trust, it can conjure up images of the rich and famous — high class families with more money than they know what to do with. Wealth management is one way you can benefit from a revocable living trust, but it… Read More
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