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Katherine Wallace

Phone: (352) 559-9828

Katherine Wallace is a recent transplant to Florida, having previously lived in Ohio (and Kentucky, Germany, North Carolina, and Texas – where she was born). Though there is a distinct change of scenery, her legal receptionist skills are par for the course, honing in on pleasant customer service experiences. Katherine Wallace is excited to learn and grow at Harrison Estate Law. When not at work, Katie enjoys visualizing and decorating her apartment, reading graphic novels, creating a plethora of art projects, as well as watching a variety of shows and playing video games. She has a cat named Loki whose name is rather fitting, and in the future would like to get a Pug and name them ‘Baby Bug.’ The cuteness of animals aside, Katie is looking forward to beginning this chapter of life in Florida, and especially at Harrison Estate Law. Come visit our office so she can give you a proper ‘howdy!’