Giselle Giraffe's Profile Image


Giselle the Giraffe is simply thrilled to be helping out at Harrison Estate Law. Originally from China, Giselle the Giraffe is still very much in touch with her ancestral Tanzanian roots. Though very shy, Giselle is a natural linguist and if you can convince her to join you in conversation, you’ll find she is as fluent in Swahili and Mandarin as she is in English.

As a young giraffe, she immigrated to America and traveled around the country a bit before finding herself in Florida. Casey’s family met her while shopping one day and they immediately felt a close connection. Taking her under his wing, Giselle moved in with his family and assisted with watching over his children during their playtime.

With his children growing older, Giselle felt the need to branch out and gain new experiences. She joined our team as we were preparing to move offices and has been an incredibly helpful and well-loved member ever since. You might find her assisting with our social media pages and her face will be the first you see when visiting our offices.

In her free time, Giselle enjoys listening to Bongo Flava music, cheering for her favorite football club (that’s soccer to you Americans) Simba S.C., and reading V.C. Andrews novels.