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McCabe G. Harrison

Phone: (352) 559-9828
McCabe is a knowledgeable and compassionate estate planning and probate attorney with a special understanding of the financial and tax side of your final affairs. With an advanced degree (L.L.M.) in taxation, and deep connections to Florida, McCabe balances love and logic in helping his clients create and execute their estate plans. Read More
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Casey C. Harrison

Phone: (352) 559-9828
Casey is a sympathetic and savvy probate attorney with nearly a decade of experience first working within, and later arguing in front of, Florida’s circuit and appellate courts. He applies this versatile background with attentiveness and an even-keeled approach to address your most complicated probate matters from an all-around perspective. Read More
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Julie Marble

Phone: (352) 559-9828
Attorney Julie Marble is our newest attorney and brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her background in business, finance, and education. Her prior experience provides an additional layer of understanding to complex estates and planning for the future and security of loved ones. With a passion for helping others and for the dynamics of the co… Read More
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Cornelia Elgin

Phone: (352) 559-9828
When you are working with an Estate & Probate law firm, knowing and trusting the staff is just as important as the attorney. Connie Elgin is a Florida Registered Paralegal with decades of experience in estate planning, administration, and probate law. Connie started her legal work as a receptionist at a small law firm in El Paso, Texas. She con… Read More
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Kate Marchewka

Phone: (352) 559-9828
Kate Marchewka has a wide variety of professional experience across a multitude of industries and is now taking those skills and applying them to the business world. Kate is excited to get to know the firm’s clients and help them in whatever way she can to meet their estate planning needs. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Stage Management f… Read More
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Giselle Giraffe

Giselle is simply thrilled to be helping out at Harrison Estate Law. Originally from China, Giselle is still very much in touch with her ancestral Tanzanian roots. Though very shy, Giselle is a natural linguist and if you can convince her to join you in conversation, you’ll find she is as fluent in Swahili and Mandarin as she is in English. As a… Read More
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