Harrison Estate Law Welcomes Probate Trial Attorney Casey Harrison

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Harrison Estate Law, P.A., is truly becoming a family business. Estate planning attorney and founder McCabe Harrison is welcoming his brother and probate trial attorney Casey Harrison to the team. With this addition, Harrison Estate Law is proud to be able to expand our services to include guardianships and contested probate work. Casey will also serve Florida families in estate planning and administration and trust administration matters. By joining us, he will help us serve you more fully, even when your estate issues get complicated or conflict arises.

We sat down with Casey to help you get to know him. Find out how his work as a civil litigation attorney can help you protect your loved one’s legacy in court.

Question: What new services do you bring to Harrison Estate Law?

You have a history as a civil litigation attorney before joining Harrison Estate Law, an estate planning and probate firm. What will you be doing for the firm’s clients? What new services will you be able to offer them?


I will be bringing my experience as a litigator to the law firm. This includes litigation and courtroom experience in a wide range of civil practice areas, including probate and guardianship. We will be able to expand our services to handle all manner of probate and guardianship matters, from the routine to the unusual, or--as the case may be--adversarial.

Question: What draws you to trial work?

You’ve had nearly a decade of experience working in courts and courtrooms as a law clerk, staff attorney, and now as an attorney. What do you love about your work? What keeps you coming into the courtroom on these cases?


Perhaps it is an unpopular answer, but I am not a litigator who approaches any given matter with an antagonistic attitude. My goal has always been to have a front-to-back understanding of each case so that I am able to prepare a careful and thorough legal analysis. This is what draws me to the work--the ability to advocate by presenting this analysis to the Court in an effective manner.

Question: Why did you leave civil litigation?

Before joining the Harrison Estate Law, you worked as a civil litigation attorney for a firm in Clearwater, Florida. There you handled a wide variety of cases from family issues to complex civil lawsuits. What made you decide to refocus your work on estate planning and probate law?


Although I relished the opportunity to work in such a diverse practice, I found that probate matters often offered the most interesting balance of practical and novel legal analysis. I think practicing in multiple areas has also helped give me a more well rounded approach to litigation, and I look forward to applying that approach in a focused manner going forward.

Question: What did your time behind the scenes teach you?

You spent your first years as an attorney working within the Florida court systems as a law clerk and staff attorney. What did you learn from working behind the scenes that you still use with your clients today?


My background is first as a writer, and this was most strongly developed while working within the court system. Following the careful research and writing requirements of the court system has informed the way I practice ever since. An offshoot of this, and of working with judges at both the circuit and appellate levels, is that I understand the importance of the various contingencies of any legal argument. Although work with the court was necessarily impartial, breaking down any matter to its full extent translates to effectively speaking and writing about it as an advocate as well.

Question: What Made You Decide to Come Home to Gainesville, Florida?

Before you moved home, you were highly connected in the Tampa Bay area. What brought you back to Gainesville to work with your brother at Harrison Estate Law? Do you miss anything from working in the big city?


Ultimately what brought me back to Gainesville was the chance to work with my brother and to continue to build and grow a special type of practice with him. Of course it is always tough to move, and the Tampa Bay area holds a special place for me and my family for many reasons, but I am very excited to join my brother and create a family firm. Gainesville has always been “home” for all of us.

Question: What is your legal philosophy?

Working as a trial attorney every day can be tough. Do you have a legal philosophy or a personal calling that keeps you energized to advocate for your clients?


My goal is to approach every matter with understanding and an eye for detail. These situations are often already stressful and emotional. I don’t want to unnecessarily inject any more of that into the situation. Instead, I want to take an honest, practical, and comprehensive approach to each case and carefully consider every legal argument which may reasonably be applied on behalf of our clients.

Question: What makes you human?

When Florida residents are looking for a civil litigation lawyer, they want to know they are hiring a human, not just a lawyer. What can you tell potential clients about yourself outside the courtroom?


Family is very important to me, and that is my focus outside of the office. My hobbies and interests are related to that. I very much enjoy shared experiences with my family--from travelling to building a treehouse with my children. I also enjoy writing--even in my free time--and have written, illustrated, and self-published two children’s books.

Get Casey Harrison’s Help With Your Probate and Estate Planning Needs

Harrison Estate Law is excited to welcome Casey to our team. We look forward to being able to help you and your family through all your estate planning and probate needs, even when matters get complicated and you have to go to court. If you need a guardianship to take care of an aging or disabled loved one, or are facing a fight in probate court, contact Harrison Estate Law now to get help from Attorney Casey Harrison and the rest of the team. Contact us here or call 352-559-9828 to get help today.

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