Celebrity Estate Lessons - Prince

Prince playing piano in concert concept
We have so many new followers that have missed out on some of our early posts that we're going to start revisiting some of them. Let's call it First Friday Flashbacks! First up: Prince.
Feel like you're the only one without a will? You're not alone! When Prince died in 2016 he left no instructions behind. After having a tough time dealing with lawyers (you know, that whole 'The Artist Formerly Known As' thing) he didn't want to deal with them, leaving a Minnesota judge to decide how to distribute his assets.
There are still legal battles over how many of his siblings, half siblings, and other people (including at least one person claiming to be his child). Even now, no one has any idea when inheritances will be distributed.
Even if your estate isn't worth millions of dollars, it's still a smart idea to have a will in place. Luckily, we can help (and we'll be nicer than the lawyers Prince had to deal with)!
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