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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

We offer years of experience preparing everything from basic Wills and trusts to complex estate plans to honor your wishes and help you leave a legacy. Read More

Florida Probate & Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away, we can help guide you through the Florida probate and trust administration process, so you can honor your loved one’s wishes and meet your family’s needs. Read More

Asset Protection

We can help you develop strategies including prenuptial agreements, jointly titled assets, and insurance plans to preserve your assets and protect them from creditors so you can provide for your loved ones. Read More


When your loved one needs someone to guide their care and finances, we can help you appoint a guardian or conservator to handle their affairs. Read More

Will Challenges and Probate Disputes

We can help you resolve probate disputes, sue fiduciaries, and file will contests to protect your family’s assets. Read More

Trust-Funding Services

After your trust is signed, you need to properly fund it. We can help walk you through the process to be sure your trust functions properly when you need it most. Read More

McCabe Harrison

McCabe G. Harrison's Profile Image
McCabe is a knowledgeable and compassionate estate planning and probate attorney with a special understanding of the financial and tax side of your final affairs. With an advanced degree (L.L.M.) in taxation, and deep connections to Florida, McCabe balances love and logic in helping his clients create and execute their estate plans.

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Casey Harrison

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Casey is a sympathetic and savvy probate attorney with nearly a decade of experience first working within, and later arguing in front of, Florida’s circuit and appellate courts. He applies this versatile background with attentiveness and an even-keeled approach to address your most complicated probate matters from an all-around perspective.

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