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Leona Helmsley

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Leona Helmsley

Do you love your pet? I mean we all do, right? But do we love our pets quite as much as Leona Helmsley? Even if you do, it would be hard to prove it. Leona Helmsley was a hotel baroness and real estate mogul who rose to fame in the 1980s. If you̵… Read More
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Administration teamwork, office documents or people review financial data, finance funding or accounting statistics. Bookkeeping portfolio, tax analysis or accountant collaboration on bank compliance

What is a Notice of Administration?

When a loved one has died, it may not be the easiest time for you to receive a notice from the Florida probate court. You and your family may still be grieving, or struggling to adjust to life without a provider or companion. However, it is important… Read More
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John Lennon

Celebrity Estate Lessons – John Lennon

John Lennon married Cynthia Powell in 1962 after she became pregnant with his first child, Julian. While they were married, John established a Trust fund with £250,000 in it for Julian to inherit when he turned 25. Then, he met Yoko, and Cynthia div… Read More
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Close up of a senior couple getting help from a health worker

7 Estate Planning Strategies to Prevent Future Litigation

No one wants their family’s last memories about them to be fighting over their assets in probate court. Unfortunately, far too many Florida families find themselves in contested estate administration proceedings after a loved one dies. But yours do… Read More
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Businessman hand sign after Lawyer providing legal consult dispute service at the office with justice scale and gavel hammer

Mediation vs. Litigation For Estate Disputes

When families come into conflict over a loved one’s estate, there are multiple approaches for resolving that dispute. Understanding the pros and cons of mediation vs. litigation for estate disputes can help you make an informed choice in your appro… Read More
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Robin Williams

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Robin Williams

It’s still difficult to believe that Robin Williams is no longer with us. Before he passed, Robin Williams had his Will drawn up, leaving his house in Tiburon, CA, and an account for the upkeep of the property to his wife. Everything else, includin… Read More
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The couple went to a lawyer to conclude an agreement on the divorce.

4 Tips to Prevent Sibling Rivalry in Trust Litigation

When a loved one dies it can create tension among relatives and strain family relations. Often, long-held family dynamics can become exaggerated and create conflict, sometimes even resulting in court filings. Here are some tips to prevent sibling riv… Read More
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An concept Image of a power of attorney

Power of Attorney for College Students

As the new school year begins, parents of college students may find themselves unable to help their now-adult children as much as they are used to. Whether you’ve just sent your freshman off to the dorms or are navigating a semester abroad, a durab… Read More
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James Gandolfini

Celebrity Estate Lessons – James Gandolfini

You have a will written and you think everything’s going to be fine for your beneficiaries, but will it? Depending on your assets, they might not be inheriting as much as you think because of taxes. When James Gandolfini died in 2013, 80% of hi… Read More
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Disability a disabled child in a wheelchair relaxing outside

A Guide to Special Needs Trusts

Not every estate plan needs a special needs trust within it. But if your loved one depends on money from the government for their care and support, special needs trusts may be essential to protecting them after you are gone. What is a Special Needs T… Read More
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