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Why Would You Need a Trust?

When the average person thinks of a trust, it can conjure up images of the rich and famous — high class families with more money than they know what to do with. Wealth management is one way you can benefit from a revocable living trust, but it… Read More
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What Goes Into an Estate Plan?

Your estate plan is more than a piece of paper, or several. It’s a roadmap for how you want the end of your life to play out. Find out how working with an experienced estate planning attorney can make a difference, and ensure you have everything yo… Read More
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What Happens if You Die Without a Will in Florida?

Most people know that a will is a document that explains what you want to happen to your property after you pass away. But what happens if you die without a will in Florida? Who will inherit your property, and what will they need to do to get it? Int… Read More
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