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will challenge

Defending a Will Challenge

If you are an executor or personal representative of an estate, you don’t want to be served a complaint challenging the validity of your loved one’s Will. Defending a Will challenge can be emotionally taxing and will delay your family’s ability… Read More
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bitcoin inheritance tax

Tax Planning for Cryptocurrency

Thousands of U.S. residents have invested in the cryptocurrency market. But as that market rises and falls, investment decisions can result in substantial tax consequences — for you and your heirs after you pass away. Find out what we know abou… Read More
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Including Cryptocurrency in Your Estate Plan

If you rely on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as part of your investment portfolio, or even for transactions, you likely expect these digital assets will be a valuable part of your estate after you pass away. But technological issues unique to blo… Read More
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florida will signing

5 Tips to Avoid Contesting a Florida Will

You may have strong feelings about the way you want your affairs handled after your death. You may believe (rightfully) that an heir will not handle their inheritance well, or that a spouse or family member should not receive a share of your assets.… Read More
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summary administration

Probate in Florida: Formal v. Summary Administration

If a loved one has died in Florida, or owned real property in the state at the time of their death, you will likely need to head to the Florida probate court to resolve their affairs. However, knowing which probate process to use could save your fami… Read More
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alternative concept

Alternatives to Guardianship in Florida

A guardianship can be an effective tool to give family members or a professional caretaker the power to make decisions for an adult unable to care for themselves. However, it also gives doctors and the Florida Probate Court the final say over what ha… Read More
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Revocable trust

Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Revocable Trust

When you are weighing your estate planning options, a revocable trust or living trust will likely be among the choices. Find out how to decide if you need a trust, and what the drawbacks and benefits of having a revocable living trust can be for you… Read More
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writing a will

How to Write a Will in Florida

Creating a Will is a perfect example of how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Writing a will while you are alive and healthy saves your family a lot of hassle after you pass away. Here is a step-by-step guide to prepare for and learn h… Read More
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Connie's Deutschland Adve…

Connie's Deutschland Adventure

The past year has been quite the whirlwind for everyone, and at Harrison Estate Law, P.A. we are dreaming of a grand vacation as travel restrictions across the country and the world begin to relax. As we think about where we may want to travel to, ou… Read More
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Probate book

When Probate is Required in Florida

If you have found yourself responsible for a loved one’s affairs, or are trying to prepare your own estate plan, you likely are considering a trip to the Florida probate court. Knowing when probate is required in Florida, and what you can do ahead… Read More
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