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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Anthony Bourdain

Whenever someone dies unexpectedly, we wonder about their estate and if they had things in place. Or maybe just I do since I write these every week. This is especially true when the person who passed lived an unconventional life, like Anthony Bourdai… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Sonny Bono

Sadly, when it came to his estate plan, Sonny Bono did not have his, babe. He died unexpectedly in 1998 in a ski accident. He may have had flowers in the spring, but he didn’t have a Will. Dying intestate (fancy lawyer word for without a Will)… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Nelson Mandela

An important component of one’s estate plan that is often overlooked is stating what you would like done with your remains when you’ve passed. In 1996, Nelson Mandela hand wrote a Will stating he wished to be buried with his three predece… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain believed it was ‘better to burn out than to fade away’ when he committed suicide in 1994. Afterward, an attorney came forward to say that Kurt Cobain approached her to have documents written excluding his wife, Courtney Love,… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons: Heath Ledger concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons: Heath Ledger

Today’s case is an interesting one, involving both a very common mistake wrapped inside a less common mistake. An important part of any person’s probate is based on where a person is domiciled (aka where they officially live) at the time… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons Lou Reed concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons: Lou Reed

Some people make a lot of money during their career. Then there are people who make even more once they’ve passed. Such was the case for the Lou Reed Estate, the value of which nearly tripled in the year after he died. Lou Reed did do some esta… Read More
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Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Partners

Many Florida families don’t take the time to set out their wishes for their final care, or what should happen to their property when they die. They trust that doctors and the courts will defer to their partner if something happens to them. However,… Read More
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Gary Coleman concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons: Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman’s life was never short of financial problems. In 1989 he famously sued his parents for mismanagement of his income while working as a child actor on the TV show “Diff’rent Strokes.” The Trust fund that was created… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons - Brooke Astor concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons: Brooke Astor

Brooke Astor, famous socialite, philanthropist, and real estate heiress is also the victim of one of the most famous cases of elder abuse. In 2000, Astor was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. At some point her son, Anthony Marshall, was named her gua… Read More
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Celebrity Estate Lessons Liliane Bettencourt

Celebrity Estate Lessons: Liliane Bettencourt

It’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of Liliane Bettencourt, but I’d bet you’ve heard of L’Oreal, the company she ran. If you have heard of her, it’s likely because she was, at one time, the world’s ri… Read More
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