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Signing Last Will and Testament.

5 Warning Signs a Will was Signed Under Undue Influence

When the death of a loved one comes with an unexpected surprise, you might find yourself wondering what happened in their final days. You may be left wondering how to sue for inheritance if you were unexpectedly excluded, and whether the new estate p… Read More
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Woman sitting with a pile of papers

A Personal Representatives’ Guide to Dealing with Creditors

If you have been named a personal representative for a loved one’s estate, you may suddenly find you have a lot on your plate. One of the less desirable parts of any personal representative’s job is dealing with creditors seeking to collect on yo… Read More
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Couple disputing paperwork with lawyer

Who is the Lawyer’s Client When Families Fight?

Grief can take many forms. Sometimes families fight after a loved one dies. When there is a large estate or a highly valued piece of property, that fight can make its way to the Florida probate court. In those cases, it can be hard to tell who the es… Read More
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Life insurance policy packet

Who Receives Your Life Insurance Benefits After You Die?

If your employee benefit package includes a life insurance policy, or you are using a private term or whole-life policy to provide for your loved ones once you pass away, you need to be sure your paperwork is in order now. Otherwise the wrong people… Read More
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Heir written in wooden blocks

Who Counts as an Heir in Florida Probate Law

It’s true that Florida residents can leave their assets and property to whomever they like in a Will — children, relatives, friends, or even organizations. But when that Will is ambiguous, can be challenged, or simply doesn’t exist, the for… Read More
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Notary's public pen and stamp on testament and last will.

What to Do When the Estate’s Assets Don’t Add Up

If your family relies on a trust or guardianship to provide for a loved one, or if a deceased relative’s estate is in the process of distribution, your inheritance, and sometimes your livelihood, can depend on someone else’s work. When the estate… Read More
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Spouses review estate plan documents

The Importance of Keeping your Estate Plan Up-to-Date

Your estate plan has one purpose: to make sure your welfare and your affairs are handled according to your wishes once you can no longer make decisions for yourself. But estate planning should not be a one-time occurrence. Your estate plan should cha… Read More
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Ending a relationship - guardianship in Florida concept.

How to End a Guardianship

Guardianships are seen as a last resort to make sure a loved one has the care and support they need when they can’t manage their own affairs. But what happens when a guardianship is no longer needed or a guardian isn’t doing a good job? How can y… Read More
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Senior old man elderly examining and checking last will and testament

Homestead and Elective Share if Your Spouse Dies First

Enforcing Your Spousal Elective Share It is generally assumed that when one spouse dies, the widow or widower would inherit the couple’s shared assets and would support the rest of the family. While this is often the case, every family is different… Read More
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discussing finances

How to Protect Your Legacy from Immature Financial Decisions

Sometimes the ones we love the most are also the ones we have to work the hardest to protect from themselves. Substance abuse, debt, and immature financial decisions can create trouble for your loved ones and threaten your ability to provide for them… Read More
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