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Plantation Home of Haroldson Lafayette Hunter

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr.

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr. was a bigamist, one of the richest men in America, and was once implicated in the Kennedy assassination. In 1912, at the age of 23, he was running a cotton plantation in Arkansas. A prolific gambler, he used his earnings… Read More
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Welcome to Las Vegas Sign concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Huguette Clark

You might think the founder of the city of Las Vegas was pretty rich; and you would be correct. It turns out that he was. W.A. Clark was a copper and railroad baron during the Gilded Age. But we’re not going to talk about him today; we’re… Read More
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Prince playing piano in concert concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Prince

We have so many new followers that have missed out on some of our early posts that we’re going to start revisiting some of them. Let’s call it First Friday Flashbacks! First up: Prince. Feel like you’re the only one without a will?… Read More
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Tortious Interference Wit…

Tortious Interference With an Expected Inheritance

What can you do if you had expected to receive an inheritance only to find out that someone has deprived you of it? A Florida civil claim for tortious interference with an expected inheritance may be an option to help you receive the value of the ass… Read More
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Anna Nicole portrait of her lying on a couch concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Anna Nicole Smith

And now the ending of our accidental oil baron trilogy. Anna Nicole Smith married 89 year old J. Howard Marshall at the age of 26, a story we detailed last week. Let’s fast forward a bit to September 2006. Smith had moved to the Bahamas to give… Read More
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Oil derrick during sunset

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Fred Koch, Part 2

This week’s topic is a surprise sequel to last week’s (I didn’t know either)! J. Howard Marshall II co-founded Great Northern Oil. A few years later, Fred Koch bought a substantial share in the company, with his company eventually a… Read More
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Oil derrick concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Fred Koch, Part 1

If you know anything about Republican politics, or just politics in general, you’ve likely heard of the Koch brothers, two very rich backers of conservative candidates and causes. But did you know there are two other Koch brothers? There are; b… Read More
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probate law concept with paper document and people around with modern flat style vector concept

How Does Ancillary Probate Administration Work in Florida?

Many people’s parents or loved ones owned a winter home or timeshare in Florida, or went south for the winter. This cross-country lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, but it can create issues when those loved ones die with property in more t… Read More
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Whitney Houston onstage concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Bobbi Kristina Brown

Who doesn’t love a long cliff hanger? As promised, here’s the second part of Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s story: When last we wrote, Whitney Houston had passed, leaving the bulk of her money in a Trust for… Read More
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Arches at the Grand Canyon concept

Casey’s Family Trip

Estate planning and administration is all about helping your family honor your memory. Creating those family memories is just as important. Here at Harrison Estate Law, P.A., we value time spent with our loved ones, and want to invite you along with… Read More
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