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How to Write a Will in Florida

Creating a Will is a perfect example of how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Writing a will while you are alive and healthy saves your family a lot of hassle after you pass away. Here is a step-by-step guide to prepare for and learn h… Read More
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Connie's Deutschland Adve…

Connie's Deutschland Adventure

The past year has been quite the whirlwind for everyone, and at Harrison Estate Law, P.A. we are dreaming of a grand vacation as travel restrictions across the country and the world begin to relax. As we think about where we may want to travel to, ou… Read More
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When Probate is Required in Florida

If you have found yourself responsible for a loved one’s affairs, or are trying to prepare your own estate plan, you likely are considering a trip to the Florida probate court. Knowing when probate is required in Florida, and what you can do ahead… Read More
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The Dangers of a Court-Appointed Guardian and Why You Need an Attorney

If a friend or loved one is suffering dementia or losing their ability to care for themselves, you may be considering asking the Florida probate court to step in. But relying on a court-appointed guardian can sometimes make it harder to stay connecte… Read More
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What is a Revocable Living Trust?

If you are considering the options available for your estate plan, you may have come across the idea of a revocable living trust. This alternative to a traditional estate plan gives you more control over what happens to your assets. It also reduces o… Read More
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How to Get Letters of Administration in Florida

The days following a loved one’s death can involve a flurry of trying to talk to banks, service providers, and others involved in your family member’s affairs. A deceased’s next of kin often receive letters in the mail from financial institutio… Read More
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A Living Will Makes Tough Decisions Easier on Your Family

Imagine standing in a hospital after a loved one’s accident, surgery, or illness and being asked whether the doctors should “pull the plug.” Would you know what to say? Do you know how your closest relatives prefer to be treated in their final… Read More
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Contesting a Will in Florida

Just because someone wrote down what should happen to a person’s property after their death doesn’t mean they created a valid Will. Find out what a Will needs to include to be enforceable in a Florida probate court, and how to contesting a Will w… Read More
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Signing Last Will and Testament.

5 Warning Signs a Will was Signed Under Undue Influence

When the death of a loved one comes with an unexpected surprise, you might find yourself wondering what happened in their final days. You may be left wondering how to sue for inheritance if you were unexpectedly excluded, and whether the new estate p… Read More
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A Personal Representatives’ Guide to Dealing with Creditors

If you have been named a personal representative for a loved one’s estate, you may suddenly find you have a lot on your plate. One of the less desirable parts of any personal representative’s job is dealing with creditors seeking to collect on yo… Read More
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