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Burt Reynolds

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Burt Reynolds

No one wants to be disinherited in their parent’s Will, especially if that parent is a celebrity. However, that’s exactly what happened to Burt Reynolds’ son. Reynolds was married to his second wife, Loni Anderson, when they adopted their s… Read More
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Snoop Dogg

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Snoop Dogg

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, when did he die? How did I miss it!?” It’s okay, Snoop Dogg is still alive. Or at least he was at the time of this writing. Okay, so now you’re wondering why I’m writing about Snoop Dogg’s estate… Read More
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Close up of african woman hands holding red heart in solidarity

Building Charitable Donations Into Your Estate Plan

Leaving a legacy is important to a lot of people. For many, one way of doing that is by supporting religious, ideological, and philanthropic organizations that align with their values. Building charitable donations into your estate plan can be a grea… Read More
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Princess Diana

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Princess Diana

It was a shock to the world when Princess Diana died unexpectedly on August 31, 1997. Luckily, she had written a Will in 1993 and updated it just the year before her death. And, considering that the beneficiaries of the majority of the Will were the… Read More
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Estate plan file in a filing cabinet

What Happens When You Don’t Have An Estate Plan

Many people put off estate planning because they believe they don’t own enough to make it worthwhile, or assume they will get around to it eventually. The reality is that you never know when you will need to use your estate plan. Understanding what… Read More
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Toy house, gavel and text PROBATE.

A Guide to Probate Fraud Litigation

Probate litigation often depends on the contents of your loved one’s Will or trust. But what happens when the document itself is the problem? Probate fraud and forgery can keep you from receiving the inheritance your loved one intended. Find out wh… Read More
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Revocable Trust is shown using the text

Differences Between A Revocable vs Irrevocable Trust

As you consider your options in creating an estate plan, you may find some terms confusing, or possibly too similar to tell apart. But understanding the differences between a revocable vs irrevocable trust can make a significant difference in your ow… Read More
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Investment, corporate or business man with tablet for invest strategy, finance growth or financial review. Hand, screen or analytics on technology for planning, data analysis or economy web research

The Impact of Digital Assets on Estate Planning and Litigation

Nearly everyone owns digital assets these days, from email accounts to online cloud storage of files and photos, to cryptocurrency and NFTs. Some of these assets can hold great sentimental or even financial value to a person’s loved ones after thei… Read More
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Queen Elizabeth

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Queen Elizabeth

You may think your estate is complicated, but do you have to be concerned with items that are actually owned by an entire country like Queen Elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth’s estate was split into two parts: her personal items and the Crown estate. Her… Read More
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Information about Estate planning and old glasses.

6 Estate Planning Options for High-Net-Worth Families

Almost anyone can benefit from a well-thought-out estate plan. However, the more resources you have, the more important working with an experienced estate planning firm becomes. The tax implications and other considerations that affect larger estates… Read More
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