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pour over will

Pour-Over Wills in Estate Planning

Do you need pour-over Wills in estate planning, or is a trust enough? Find out how these estate planning documents can help simplify your estate planning and administration, making it easier for your family and the Florida probate court to honor your… Read More
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Estate Planning for NFTs

NFTs have become a hot new trend for investors and early adopters in blockchain technology. Many investors are now wondering what an NFT is, how it works, and will it be a useful tool in passing their wealth to the next generation. But estate plannin… Read More
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personal property

What is the Tangible Personal Property List in Your Will?

You have likely heard stories about families gathered around the dinner table, fighting over who will take Grandma’s china or Grandpa’s pipe collection. While tangible personal property isn’t usually the most valuable part of a person’s estat… Read More
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transfer on death

Is a Trust Better Than a Transfer on Death Account?

For many families, estate planning is a balance between avoiding the time and expense of probate and making the most of their money. You might wonder if you need a trust or whether there are less expensive ways to skip the probate process. That could… Read More
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digital wallet

Fiduciary Guide to Cryptocurrency Digital Wallet

As a personal representative or trustee, it is your responsibility to manage your loved one’s assets and pass them on to their intended beneficiaries. When those assets take the form of cryptocurrency and other digital assets, there may be more to… Read More
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left out of will

What to Do If You're Left Out of a Will

When a family member dies, you may look to that person’s possessions as a way to remember them or to provide previously unavailable financial opportunities or relief. Finding out you were left out of a Will can be surprising and heartbreaking. If y… Read More
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florida probate

Florida Probate Timeline and Deadlines

When a loved one dies in Florida, you and your family will certainly need time to grieve their loss. But the Florida probate laws say you can’t wait too long before you begin the estate administration process. Having an estate administration attorn… Read More
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will challenge

Defending a Will Challenge

If you are an executor or personal representative of an estate, you don’t want to be served a complaint challenging the validity of your loved one’s Will. Defending a Will challenge can be emotionally taxing and will delay your family’s ability… Read More
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bitcoin inheritance tax

Tax Planning for Cryptocurrency

Thousands of U.S. residents have invested in the cryptocurrency market. But as that market rises and falls, investment decisions can result in substantial tax consequences — for you and your heirs after you pass away. Find out what we know abou… Read More
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Including Cryptocurrency in Your Estate Plan

If you rely on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as part of your investment portfolio, or even for transactions, you likely expect these digital assets will be a valuable part of your estate after you pass away. But technological issues unique to blo… Read More
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