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The Dangers of a Court-Appointed Guardian and Why You Need an Attorney

If a friend or loved one is suffering dementia or losing their ability to care for themselves, you may be considering asking the Florida probate court to step in. But relying on a court-appointed guardian can sometimes make it harder to stay connecte… Read More
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Ending a relationship - guardianship in Florida concept.

How to End a Guardianship

Guardianships are seen as a last resort to make sure a loved one has the care and support they need when they can’t manage their own affairs. But what happens when a guardianship is no longer needed or a guardian isn’t doing a good job? How can y… Read More
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How Does the Florida Prob…

How Does the Florida Probate Court Decide on a Guardian?

What can you expect if a loved one’s physical or mental health has left them unable to handle their own care? What will you need to do to step in as their caregiver? How does the Florida probate court decide on a guardianship when family members di… Read More
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Who Takes Care of Your Ch…

Who Takes Care of Your Children After an Accident

Your children are the most important thing in your world. If you are a single parent, or even a married couple, the question of who takes care of your children after an accident can keep you up at night. Find out how proper estate planning can put th… Read More
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