Referring Attorneys

Florida attorneys do more than simply take matters to court. They build relationships with their clients founded on trust and sound advice. When a client comes to you with a matter outside your practice areas, or you discover a conflict of interest, you need to know any attorney referral you give them will result in high-quality representation and protect your own attorney-client relationship.

Harrison Estate Law, P.A., is proud of the reputation we have built among attorneys and other service professionals for representing our clients in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate Conflicts, and Asset Protection. We value the working relationships we have built with referring attorneys, accountants, and other financial professionals. We understand how hard it can be to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with clients, and we know how important it is that the people you refer to treat your clients well.

Attorney Referrals for Florida Estate and Probate Matters

Attorney referrals are a key part of our business at Harrison Estate Law, P.A. Unlike some other firms, while we practice only in the estates and trusts, we go beyond just estate planning, offering clients a full range of estate, trust administration, and probate litigation services. We work with referral partners with more limited scopes of estate planning practice, as well as family lawyers, business attorneys, and others, to supplement your services and provide for all your client’s legal needs. We respect the relationship you have formed with your clients, and will avoid interfering with that relationship in rendering our services. Instead, we work with our referral partners, acting as co-counsel or providing additional advice, to complement, rather than compete with, the services they offer.

While our offices are in Gainesville, Florida, we represent clients across much of the state (excluding Broward and Miami/Dade counties). We also work with estate planning attorneys in other jurisdictions, serving as local counsel for clients who require ancillary estates to address Florida property, or are struggling with the limits of Florida Homestead exemptions. We are happy to provide local advice and to work with you to address all your clients’ needs.

The Right Choice for Referring Attorneys

In selecting a referring attorney, you need to be confident in that firm’s knowledge and ability to represent your clients. Attorney McCabe G. Harrison has an advanced degree (L.L.M.) in taxation, which provides an extra level of assurance and protection to any estate planning or financial advice your clients’ receive. Attorney Casey C. Harrison has extensive experience in probate litigation, balancing sympathy and legal savvy to best represent clients. Together with Attorneys Julie Marble and Jessica Wilson, the Harrisons offer your clients a unique balance of knowledge and experience.

Referral Fees

For referring Florida attorneys, we’re able to pay referral fees for certain types of cases in accordance with the Florida Bar rules. We determine referral fees on a case by case basis. For will challenges, trust challenges, tortious interference, or similar claims with favorable facts and a high level of damages that we can litigate on a contingent fee basis, we are able to pay the “standard” 25% referral fee. We can do the same for large probate or trust administration cases, depending on the nature of the case. We are generally not able to pay referral fees for cases we bill hourly, estate planning (unless it is very complex), or small to mid-size probate or trust administration cases.

If you are interested in a referral fee, please contact us to discuss the case so that we can discuss the fee and comply with Florida Bar rules. Even if we can’t offer a referral fee for your case, we’d love to help you serve your clients better. We’re also happy to act as co-counsel with you.

Referring Attorneys: Contact Our Gainesville Estate and Probate Lawyers

Harrison Estate Law is happy to work with referring attorneys in other jurisdictions, and here in Florida, to help your clients set up a new estate plan, review and update existing documents, or pursue probate matters in court. Please contact us online or via email or call 352-559-9828 to establish a referring relationship with our firm, or to schedule a free consultation for your client. If they don’t live close to Gainesville, we are happy to set up a phone or Zoom call. We have extended evening and weekend appointments available by request.