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Plantation Home of Haroldson Lafayette Hunter

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr.

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr. was a bigamist, one of the richest men in America, and was once implicated in the Kennedy assassination. In 1912, at the age of 23, he was running a cotton plantation in Arkansas. A prolific gambler, he used his earnings… Read More
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Welcome to Las Vegas Sign concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Huguette Clark

You might think the founder of the city of Las Vegas was pretty rich; and you would be correct. It turns out that he was. W.A. Clark was a copper and railroad baron during the Gilded Age. But we’re not going to talk about him today; we’re… Read More
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Prince playing piano in concert concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Prince

We have so many new followers that have missed out on some of our early posts that we’re going to start revisiting some of them. Let’s call it First Friday Flashbacks! First up: Prince. Feel like you’re the only one without a will?… Read More
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Whitney Houston onstage concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Bobbi Kristina Brown

Who doesn’t love a long cliff hanger? As promised, here’s the second part of Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s story: When last we wrote, Whitney Houston had passed, leaving the bulk of her money in a Trust for… Read More
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Whitney Houston singing onstage concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Whitney Houston

When Whitney Houston passed on 2012, one of the biggest concerns was what would happen with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. So today we will start with part one of the story, Whitney’s estate and will focus on Bobbi’s estate in a later post… Read More
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photo of James Brown singing concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - James Brown

James Brown died from a heart attack due to pneumonia on Christmas Day 2006. He had created a Will and Trust in 2000. As a side note, the Will was witnessed by J. Strom Thurmond Jr., son of the long serving Senator. The Will covered his personal belo… Read More
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Portrait of Bob Marley concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - Bob Marley

Bob Marley died in 1981 and it took over 30 years for his estate to be settled. Marley didn’t write a Will, claiming it was against his religion. So, when he died, his estate had to follow the intestate (fancy lawyer word for didn’t have… Read More
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Business people Meeting negotiating a contract between two colleagues concept

What to Know About Appointing a Successor Trustee

One of the biggest challenges in estate planning is making decisions now that won’t take effect until decades into the future. No one, not even estate planning attorneys, can accurately predict what your family’s dynamics will be in the years aft… Read More
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B.B. King with his guitar concept

Celebrity Estate Lessons - B.B. King

There’s no dispute that B.B. King was a master musician. And he actually didn’t do too bad a job with his estate plan, either. King had a Trust created for his children in 2007, which was supposed to take generous care of his surviving 11… Read More
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When To Use A Codicil To Amend A Will

If your Last Will and Testament has been sitting in a fire-proof box for years, you might realize that it’s out of date. An outdated Will might omit important people or reflect property you no longer own. Can a codicil help? Find out what it is, an… Read More
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