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The past year has been quite the whirlwind for everyone, and at Harrison Estate Law, P.A. we are dreaming of a grand vacation as travel restrictions across the country and the world begin to relax. As we think about where we may want to travel to, our team has shared amongst ourselves great memories and stories of our past trips around the world. Our paralegal, Connie wanted to share her journey to Germany to give our clients and colleagues a moment to escape the day to be whisked away to Western Europe.

Connie's Deutschland Adventure

Having been born in Nuernberg, Germany, I still have family and a lot of friends there. I always enjoy going back to visit. In September 2019, my partner Chuck and I took the opportunity for him to visit the wonderful city where I grew up and meet my family and friends.

We thoroughly planned out our visit. We spent our first three days in Amsterdam to visit my older sister, see some of the sights, and enjoy that very special atmosphere only Amsterdam offers. We went to the Van Gogh Museum, took a scenic cruise, walked along the many canals, and enjoyed the time we had with my sister and some of her friends.

Upon our arrival in Nuernberg a few days later, we settled into our AirBNB downtown, very close to the Hauptmarkt (market place). We couldn’t let that first evening go by without having some Nuernberger Bratwurst at the Bratwursthaeusle Restaurant close to the Hauptmarkt.

Nuernberg is not only well known for the post-World War II trials. With a population of almost 520,000 people, it is the second largest city of the German state of Bavaria, after its capital Munich. It’s full of historical buildings, and home to many artists and craftspeople, like Albrecht Duerer. The inner city is mostly paved with cobble stones and has large pedestrian-only areas.

I showed Chuck the medieval castle, from where we had an unusually clear view across the city and into the hills surrounding Nuernberg. We walked by Albrecht Duerer’s home and visited the world-famous toy museum. I showed him the neighborhood where I grew up, and the house where I lived during my teenage and young adult years. I was so happy to see one of our old neighbors, whom I had not seen since 2015.

From Nuernberg, many areas can be reached by train and car. We took the train to a small town in the Oberpfalz where I have some good friends. We spent the day driving through some of the beautiful countryside to Kehlheim, and took a small local cruise ship to the Weltenburg Abbey through the Danube Gorge. It was a fun day spent with friends, all of whom I had met through social media.

My brother-in-law also took a day out of his busy retirement schedule to take us on a drive through the country-side close to Nuernberg, mainly showing us a lot of his biking trails, and the many beautiful and hilly areas.

We spent some really good time visiting with my family and with lots of friends from my school days, eating and drinking and taking care of a little bit of family business. We also got to meet my three-year old great-niece, who took to Chuck despite the language barrier. I visited my now 93-year old mother in her retirement home a few times. The home is in a beautiful setting and we were able to spend a few hours together.

One of the best things about Germany is the food. Between the bread, the cold cuts, the Bratwurst, the pastries, the pretzels and of course the beer, we left Germany about a ton heavier than when we arrived. It was a great trip, and we hope to go back to Europe soon to explore some more.

Preparing Your Estate Before Your Next Trip

At Harrison Estate Law, P.A., our experienced estate planning team can help you ensure your affairs are in order before you set off on your adventure. If you have not created your estate plan or it is time to review and update your documents, we are here to help. Contact us here or call (352) 559-9828 to plan today.

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