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David Bowie

Celebrity Estate Lessons – David Bowie

Compared to some of our past celebrities, David Bowie didn’t do a bad job with his estate plan. He provided for his wife and children, even taking into account what would happen when his wife died. However, there are some things he could have d… Read More
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Burt Reynolds

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Burt Reynolds

No one wants to be disinherited in their parent’s Will, especially if that parent is a celebrity. However, that’s exactly what happened to Burt Reynolds’ son. Reynolds was married to his second wife, Loni Anderson, when they adopted their s… Read More
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Snoop Dogg

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Snoop Dogg

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, when did he die? How did I miss it!?” It’s okay, Snoop Dogg is still alive. Or at least he was at the time of this writing. Okay, so now you’re wondering why I’m writing about Snoop Dogg’s estate… Read More
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Princess Diana

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Princess Diana

It was a shock to the world when Princess Diana died unexpectedly on August 31, 1997. Luckily, she had written a Will in 1993 and updated it just the year before her death. And, considering that the beneficiaries of the majority of the Will were the… Read More
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Queen Elizabeth

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Queen Elizabeth

You may think your estate is complicated, but do you have to be concerned with items that are actually owned by an entire country like Queen Elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth’s estate was split into two parts: her personal items and the Crown estate. Her… Read More
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Leona Helmsley

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Leona Helmsley

Do you love your pet? I mean we all do, right? But do we love our pets quite as much as Leona Helmsley? Even if you do, it would be hard to prove it. Leona Helmsley was a hotel baroness and real estate mogul who rose to fame in the 1980s. If you̵… Read More
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John Lennon

Celebrity Estate Lessons – John Lennon

John Lennon married Cynthia Powell in 1962 after she became pregnant with his first child, Julian. While they were married, John established a Trust fund with £250,000 in it for Julian to inherit when he turned 25. Then, he met Yoko, and Cynthia div… Read More
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Robin Williams

Celebrity Estate Lessons – Robin Williams

It’s still difficult to believe that Robin Williams is no longer with us. Before he passed, Robin Williams had his Will drawn up, leaving his house in Tiburon, CA, and an account for the upkeep of the property to his wife. Everything else, includin… Read More
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James Gandolfini

Celebrity Estate Lessons – James Gandolfini

You have a will written and you think everything’s going to be fine for your beneficiaries, but will it? Depending on your assets, they might not be inheriting as much as you think because of taxes. When James Gandolfini died in 2013, 80% of hi… Read More
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Marilyn Monroe

Celebrity Estate Lessons — Marilyn Monroe

If you’re like me, you remember the moving Super Bowl commercial that allowed Christopher Reeve to walk again. You might also remember the hub-bub surrounding the hologram of Tupac joining Dr. Dre onstage at Coachella in 2012. With the continuing a… Read More
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