Celebrity Estate Lessons - Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade painting concept
If you paid any attention at all to art in the 90's, you've heard of Thomas Kinkade. The "painter of light" passed away in 2012 at home with his girlfriend Amy Pinto-Walsh.
Shortly after his death, Pinto-Walsh produced two handwritten and nearly illegible Wills, leaving her millions of dollars and a mansion. These Wills contradicted earlier paperwork his wife (divorce pending) produced, assumedly leaving his estate to her and his children. His wife, Nanette, filed a restraining order to stop Pinto-Walsh from talking about the artist in public.
At the end of 2012, a private agreement was reached between the two parties. As of this writing, no details have been released to the public.
Whatever the final wishes of Thomas Kinkade were, it's doubtful that the final outcome is what he wanted. While something is better than nothing, a well written Will is the best option. Take some time, contact someone, and have your estate plan drawn up to make sure that everything happens the way you want. Contact Harrison Estate Law, P.A. to learn more.