Celebrity Estate Lessons – Robin Williams

Robin Williams

It’s still difficult to believe that Robin Williams is no longer with us. Before he passed, Robin Williams had his Will drawn up, leaving his house in Tiburon, CA, and an account for the upkeep of the property to his wife. Everything else, including his home in Napa Valley, clothing, memorabilia, and awards, was to go to his children.

This may seem pretty cut and dried, but terms used in the paperwork like ‘memorabilia’ and ‘collectibles’ can be viewed as a bit hazy. And what all is included as ‘upkeep?’ Would the $30,000 worth of renovations his widow, Susan Schneider-Williams, wanted to make to the property count?

Susan filed suit claiming that the money she was being given was not enough to maintain the estate. During the lawsuit, personal property like Williams’ bicycle collection, jewelry, and personal photos were pulled into the dispute. Eventually, Susan received a few sentimental items, such as the tux he wore to their wedding, the bike they bought together on their honeymoon, and their wedding gifts.

This is why it’s important to have a professional help you with your plan. You may think you have everything in place, but attorneys know the loopholes people can take and can make sure the wording in your paperwork is strong. Give us a call, we’d love to help you out!