Celebrity Estate Lessons - Ridiculously Wealthy Pets

Betty White and Michael Jackson portraits concept
It’s time for another round of ridiculously wealthy pets!
Let’s start with one of the world’s best known chimps: Bubbles. Bubbles became famous when he was adopted in the 1980s by Michael Jackson. Michael took him everywhere for a while, including to teatime with the Mayor of Osaka. However, as Bubbles grew, he became too large to easily handle. When Michael’s first child was born, the chimp was moved to a sanctuary in 2005. He now lives at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, FL alongside a number of other famous monkeys. Since Michael’s estate was set up with a Trust, there are few specific details about where his money actually went. However, it was reported that Bubbles was set to inherit $2 million and the Center for Great Apes has confirmed that the family continues to cover the costs for his care.
Betty White was a well-known lover of animals, so it makes sense that she wanted to make sure her dog, Pontiac, was taken care of after her death. Pontiac was a pretty impressive pooch, having started his life with Guide Dogs for the Blind before moving in with Betty (he was too friendly to be a guide dog). When Betty had her Will written, she set aside $5 million for the pet. Sadly, Pontiac wasn’t able to enjoy his riches as he passed away in 2017.
Most people would do anything for someone who saved their lives. Such was the case with Ann Morgan, who adopted her cat, Tinker, during a time of depression. She credited the cat with giving her a reason to live. When Ann died in 2003, she left around $660,000 to Tinker; enough to cover the monthly rent on her north London apartment, the caretaker’s salary, vet bills, burial when the time comes, and flowers on the grave on Christmas and Easter. Her neighbors watch over the cat, who was moved to Wales after receiving death threats.
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