Celebrity Estate Lessons: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers concept
I think it's time for a look at a celebrity who had their stuff together. Joan Rivers wrote and signed a Will in 2011 leaving everything to the Rosenberg Family Trust. (Rosenberg is Rivers' legal last name).
This was the 11th amendment and the 3rd complete rewrite of the Trust, so Joan gets another gold star for making sure her documents were constantly up to date.
Because everything worked out so well, I wasn't able to find a lot of details about her estate, including its value at her time of death. The only details I could find are that the executors of her estate were her daughter, Melissa, and two of Joan's close friends.
Named beneficiaries of the trust are Joan's niece, nephew, and grandson, five of her employees, and a number of charities.
She also added a clause that any beneficiaries who contested her Will would be disinherited.
So good job, Joan Rivers. You win the inaugural Harrison Estate Law Good Estate Planning Award. Your trophy can be picked up at our offices during normal business hours.