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6 Estate Planning Options for High-Net-Worth Families

Almost anyone can benefit from a well-thought-out estate plan. However, the more resources you have, the more important working with an experienced estate planning firm becomes. The tax implications and other considerations that affect larger estates… Read More
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7 Estate Planning Strategies to Prevent Future Litigation

No one wants their family’s last memories about them to be fighting over their assets in probate court. Unfortunately, far too many Florida families find themselves in contested estate administration proceedings after a loved one dies. But yours do… Read More
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Mediation vs. Litigation For Estate Disputes

When families come into conflict over a loved one’s estate, there are multiple approaches for resolving that dispute. Understanding the pros and cons of mediation vs. litigation for estate disputes can help you make an informed choice in your appro… Read More
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4 Tips to Prevent Sibling Rivalry in Trust Litigation

When a loved one dies it can create tension among relatives and strain family relations. Often, long-held family dynamics can become exaggerated and create conflict, sometimes even resulting in court filings. Here are some tips to prevent sibling riv… Read More
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Power of Attorney for College Students

As the new school year begins, parents of college students may find themselves unable to help their now-adult children as much as they are used to. Whether you’ve just sent your freshman off to the dorms or are navigating a semester abroad, a durab… Read More
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The Florida Uniform Directed Trust Act: What You Should Know

The Florida Uniform Directed Trust can give you more certainty about how your affairs will be handled after your death – even decades later. By using a directed trust and appointing a professional trust director, you can make sure your family’s i… Read More
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Understanding Florida’s Simultaneous Death Law

When tragedy strikes a family, it can leave the survivors scrambling to care for children and handle the household’s affairs. No one wants to think about what happens when spouses, parents and children, or other relatives die together. But after a… Read More
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Admitting A Foreign Will In Florida

We live in an increasingly mobile culture. Florida residents, especially, often have homes and lives in other states or countries, as well as here in the state. But what happens when snowbirds or others with property in multiple states die? Admitting… Read More
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What Is A Pretermitted Spouse?

More Florida residents are having second marriages, multiple divorces, and getting married later in life. This trend carries with it the chance that these residents’ wills may be contested by a pretermitted spouse. But who is that? And what rights… Read More
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Pour-Over Wills in Estate Planning

Do you need pour-over Wills in estate planning, or is a trust enough? Find out how these estate planning documents can help simplify your estate planning and administration, making it easier for your family and the Florida probate court to honor your… Read More
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