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What is a Notice of Administration?

When a loved one has died, it may not be the easiest time for you to receive a notice from the Florida probate court. You and your family may still be grieving, or struggling to adjust to life without a provider or companion. However, it is important… Read More
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A Guide to Special Needs Trusts

Not every estate plan needs a special needs trust within it. But if your loved one depends on money from the government for their care and support, special needs trusts may be essential to protecting them after you are gone. What is a Special Needs T… Read More
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Can an Executor Take Money from the Estate?

When you and your loved ones are waiting for an executor to finish the Florida probate process, it can feel like the executor is standing between you and your inherited assets. But sometimes it isn’t just court delays causing problems. Unfortunatel… Read More
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Abuse of Power of Attorney

A power of attorney designation can give an agent great power over the assets and financial affairs of the person who creates it. Sometimes, that power can be abused. Understanding the limits of this estate planning form can help you recognize, prove… Read More
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Breach Of Fiduciary Duty In Florida

When trustees, professional representatives, and others hired to serve you or your family members’ estate fail to uphold their obligations, it could send you back to court. Understanding when a breach of fiduciary duty has happened can help you dec… Read More
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Selecting A Personal Representative For Your Estate

Selecting a personal representative is one of the first steps in creating an estate plan. It is important to choose the right person to work with the Florida probate court, administer your estate and get your assets to your beneficiaries. Here are so… Read More
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The Escheatment Process In Florida

While few people know the word escheatment, many Florida residents worry about losing property to the state after they die. You don’t have to have a high-value estate to lose property and assets to the Florida escheat process. Instead, what matters… Read More
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What to Know About Appointing a Successor Trustee

One of the biggest challenges in estate planning is making decisions now that won’t take effect until decades into the future. No one, not even estate planning attorneys, can accurately predict what your family’s dynamics will be in the years aft… Read More
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When To Use A Codicil To Amend A Will

If your Last Will and Testament has been sitting in a fire-proof box for years, you might realize that it’s out of date. An outdated Will might omit important people or reflect property you no longer own. Can a codicil help? Find out what it is, an… Read More
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Why a Testator’s Next of Kin Matters in Probate

If you are the personal representative of a testator who left behind a Will, you may believe that all you need to do is follow your loved one’s instructions. However, Florida probate law also gives specific rights and responsibilities to the testat… Read More
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