Elderly couple in inheritance disputes

5 Common Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes between siblings and other family members can strain family relationships and set everyone on edge. When family members can’t agree on how a loved one’s estate will be divided, it can sour everyone’s memory of their past re… Read More
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florida will signing

Tips to Create A Florida Will that Cannot be Contested

You may have strong feelings about the way you want your affairs handled after your death. You may believe (rightfully) that an heir will not handle their inheritance well, or that a spouse or family member should not receive a share of your assets.… Read More
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What to Do When a Trustee Refuses to Give Accounting

What happens to money held in trust after a person dies? Many beneficiaries know that they are entitled to trust benefits and disbursements, but they don’t always keep track of the balances on trust accounts. This can put your family’s finances a… Read More
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A woman making a formal business agreement signing a will

Can a Beneficiary Designation be Contested?

The structure of a loved one’s estate plan can substantially affect the way their assets are transferred after their death – and to whom. Beneficiary designations on everything from bank accounts to retirement portfolios can remove property from… Read More
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Businessman Signing An Official Document

5 Reasons to File a Will Challenge

The death of a loved one can strain relations with family members. When that loved one’s estate plan changed in their final years, or excludes close family members, it could raise concerns that the Will is invalid. Here are 5 reasons you may need t… Read More
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Hands of elderly people who consult with the profession about inheritance and wills. active procurement concept.

The Carpenter Factors: What Active Procurement for Undue Influence Looks Like

When a would-be heir challenges the validity of a Will claiming that it was signed under undue influence, it is up to that heir to prove the person benefiting from the new estate plan engaged in “active procurement” of the Will. What that means,… Read More
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The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice. lis pendens concept.

What is Lis Pendens in Florida?

You may have seen the Latin term “lis pendens” while scrolling through real estate listings or at an open house or real estate auction. Understanding what it is, and how legal proceedings relate to real property in Florida, can help you make an i… Read More
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Female manager showing stop sign to arguing workers office, conflict resolution. how to contest a will concept.

How to Contest a Will and Win

If you want to know how to contest a Will and win, you need to be prepared, both emotionally and with evidence. Contesting a loved one’s will can be complicated – in and out of the courtroom. Knowing what you will need to do to win before going i… Read More
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Shot of a senior couple looking unhappy while going through paperwork at home. Disinheritance clause concept.

Disinheritance Clause in a Will: What it Means for Would-Be Heirs

Being left out of a loved one’s Will hurts. It can leave you without the necessary funds to provide for you and your family during a time of grief, and can change your long-term financial plans. When a disinheritance clause in a Will cuts you off f… Read More
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Business meeting, black people and startup with man, woman and laptop with discussion, strategy and planning. Businessman, women and computer with collaboration, corporate teamwork and focus at desk. Challenging a will concept.

How to Challenge a Will Based on Undue Influence

No one wants to think that their parent or loved one has been taken advantage of in their final days. When a close connection, relative, or caregiver receives more than expected in a Will signed while the grantor was under their care, it could raise… Read More
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